Saturday, February 17, 2018
Brian Keith May

100 Sites To Submit Guest Posts

All of the guidance and hype around blogging for the last several months has focused on Guest Posting and how it can be used to drive a high traffic blog. Guest posting helps with referral traffic as well as search engine optimization due to the links back to your site from the blog where your guest post is hosted. The biggest mistake that is being made is that everyone thinks they are going to get their post on one of the A-list sites, therefore a lot of time and effort is wasted as these sites turn down over 90% of guest post submission request. Must bloggers that do not have a high traffic site and something they can reciprocate to the A-list site should find other sites closer in size to their own as guest post targets. This will help each site grow together and has a higher likelihood of being accepted than just submitting to the top sites.

I have compiled a quick list of sites that would be good targets for guest posts. These sites are in a variety of categories and vary in size, but all have setup a page on their site for guest posting submissions which means they are open to it which a huge time saver in itself. You can also find sites to submit to using the guest blogging community.  If you have any additional sites that are good for guest posting, please share them in the comments.

If 100 is not enough and you need more, you can download my list of 1,334 guest posting sites ABSOLUTELY FREE!…/inviting-all-of-you-to-submit-guest-posts/…/want-to-submit-guest-post.html…/submit-guest-post.html…/inviting-all-of-you-to-submit-guest-posts/…/want-to-submit-guest-post.html…/submit-guest-post.html

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