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150 Blog Posts In 10 Weeks: Does Content Marketing Really Work?

Brian May September 20, 2013 Business Development, Small Business Marketing, Social Media Strategy Comments Off on 150 Blog Posts In 10 Weeks: Does Content Marketing Really Work?

After reading 150 Posts in 50 Days on the Log My Calls Blog, I felt compelled that I need to do something similar for my site. I have read about intense content marketing projects like this before that have led to good results and this is just another example. Google has shown that they have a strong preference to fresh content and by updating multiple times per day, search traffic should increase as well as visitors will come to expect quality content on a regular schedule.

Inconsistent posting schedule and honestly, lack of posting have been a problem for my site. I simply have not made the commitment to updating on a regular schedule which has led to mixed results. Although the site receives some traffic, it is inconsistent. The most visited page on the site has been Guest Blogging Profits with 1,334 Guest Posting Sites. Although this posts receives regular traffic and e-mail subscribers, my efforts must be more consistent.

So I will conduct the same trial of completing and posting 150 blog posts in 10 weeks. Here are details of the trial:
Start Date September 30rd
End Date: December 6th

Goals – The loosely defined goal of this trial will be to increase traffic to the site which will indirectly lead to increases in e-mail subscribers and consulting leads.  More specifically, by the end of the trial, my goal is that traffic is consistently exceeding 1,000 visitors per day which would be over 30K per month.

Additionally, my goal is for greater than 2.3 pages per visit. This is an indication that people are enjoying the content and are compelled to read other content.

My goal is to add 1,000 e-mail subscribers over this period. In addition to the current e-mail signup in the right sidebar, I will need to add some other e-mail capture elements that will increase signups. I will likely include a couple of free guides during this trial which will lead to new subscribers as well.

I will not set a goal for leads because I do not have a good way to estimate how many should be expected. What I will do is track my conversion rates over time and see if there is any noticeable changes or opportunities for improvements that will lead to more leads.

I am still working on the full topic list for the trial and it will change as new topics become relevant, but here are the topics I will focus on during the trial.
Healthcare Marketing

  • Online Reputation management
  • Pay Per Click
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Twitter
    • Youtube

This gives me a wide enough range of topics to keep it fresh and I have strong experiences in each of these areas that I can provide value. My goal is to not simply regurgitate that same top 7 or top 10 lists that are all over the web, but to provide real value about healthcare marketing. If you have any topic ideas or some burning questions about online marketing for healthcare that I might be able to help you answer, please drop me a line.

Guest Posts

To raise the bar just a little bit higher, I am also setting a goal of 3 guest posts per week during this trial. That will be a total of 30 guest posts during these 10 weeks. Guest posting is necessary if I am going to meet my traffic goals. Simply writing content and posting it on my site is not enough. I need to post on other sites to drive traffic back to this site.

Additionally, I may seek out other bloggers that are interested in guest posting on my site. This will help me reach the goal of three posts per day, but also provide my audience with insights and guidance from people they may have never come across before. I will be very selective in who I allow to guest post. This is still my brand and I must protect that. If you are interested in guest posting, let me know.


During the week of December 9th, I will follow up with the results of this trial. This will include statistics, pros, cons, and what I would do differently. My expectation is that this trial will be a success mainly due to the massive taking of action. Every posts will not be great and some will obviously resonate better than others, but I honestly believe that a committed effort towards documenting my marketing thoughts will lead to positive results. At the very worst case, I will be over 150 posts further along than when I started.


Since this is such a drastic increase from my current posting schedule, I will use the next week as a ramp up period. I will post at least once per day next week. I will also use this time to flush out topic ideas, identify guest posting opportunities, and nail down my content promotion strategy. Once the content is posted on my site, it must be marketed so that other people can find it. Build it and they will come just does not work, content must be marketed as well.

This is an aggressive undertaking, but also necessary. If this blog is going to be of any value, then a strategic, dedicated effort must be put forth for it to reach it’s full potential. Stay tuned!

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