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Why Are There So Few Healthcare Marketing Blogs?

Brian May December 6, 2013 Healthcare Marketing Comments Off on Why Are There So Few Healthcare Marketing Blogs?

I use Feedly to follow about 20 different healthcare marketing blogs and probably about 100 sites overall that I track in different categories. As I looked through my list, more than half of the healthcare marketing blogs have not been updated in several months. Of the more recently updated blogs, it is clear that the frequency of updates has significantly decreased from a year ago. So I decided it was worth spending 15-20 minutes updating my list and adding new blogs that are offering valuable healthcare marketing information.

My search uncovered “Healthcare Social Media: 20 of the Best Healthcare Marketing Websites” by the Go Agency  and “17 Healthcare Blogs You Should Read” by George Van Antwerp, but they listed a lot of the same sites. A deeper dived into some of these sites revealed that many of them focused on more on general healthcare topics more than just healthcare marketing and secondly, many of them are no longer being updated either.

I tried a few more queries in Google and still came up mostly blank on new sites to follow. Have all of the problems in Healthcare marketing been solved so no one is writing about it anymore? Is it simply blogging fatigue? Are there not any new and creative marketing methods being implemented in the Healthcare which is leaving a lack of topics to write about? Is that all of the sites were repeating the sames “10 tips to xyz” that readership was too low to keep bloggers motivated?

I was really quite surprised that I could not find many more Healthcare Marketing blogs. Here are the few sites that I found that are still actively updating and focused on healthcare marketing:

Healthcare Success Strategies
Healthcare Communication
Meandv Blog
Quaintise Blog
Patricia Redsicker @ World View Editing

I also used to enjoy Hive Strategies Blog, but they have not updated much in the last six months either.

I know first hand how difficult it can be to keep fresh topics and keep a blog up to date with so many other priorities pulling at your time, but there have to be more sites than the few I listed.  Help me out!! What are some other healthcare marketing blogs that offer quality content and update on a semi-regular basis? It does not need to be daily updates because I am using Feedly, I will know when it is updated and am not checking every site each day. But also kind of pointless to update my list with a lot of long-term inactive blogs. W

What healthcare marketing sites can I add to my list?


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