Saturday, February 17, 2018
Brian Keith May


Brian is an internet marketing professional with over six years of experience in developing winning interactive marketing campaigns measured by increased client leads, revenues, and profits. Brian has worked with major national brands such as Premier Health Partners, Cintas, Teradata, Goodyear, Cleveland Clinic, and American Greetings. Brian excels at setting the strategy and executing the implementation, both of which are critical for online marketing success.


  • Google Adwords Certified Professional – Google tested me and I passed. Actually they tested me a few times and I passed them all!  Setting up a Google Adwords account is’s understanding the delicate intricacies about your account and how effective it is through keyword selection, call-to-actions, quality landing pages, and conversion tracking is where your money is made or lost. Not to mention implementing Google Adwords Location Extensions, Automated Rules, Click-to-Call, etc.
  • Has managed Search Engine Marketing campaigns through Google Adwords and Microsoft Adcenter for small businesses and multinational corporations
  • Google Analytics Certified – Which means I can dive into the details when simply tracking visitors and pageviews is not enough. Used correctly, Google Analytics can be an amazing resource for any website owner.
  • Experienced with Coremetrics and how it can be used to understand the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and how visitors are using your website.
  • Experienced with Conversion testing using Visual Website Optimizer and Google Web Optimizer
  • Has a steadily growing fan count on his Facebook and Twitter profiles where internet marketing topics are discussed as well as random thoughts and observations about life in general.
  • Experienced in Attribution Management through employment at Clearsaleing which is the recognized industry leader and an Ebay company. Attribution management measures the value of all online interactions that a visitor has with your site before taking an action and assigning a value to all of those interactions and not just last click.
  • Has effectively managed Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for a variety of large and small companies with outstanding results using white-hat best practices that do not jeopardize the brand and reputation of my clients.

Brian held engineering and sales leadership postitions at AT&T and owned/operated a Club-Z tutoring franchise where he initially learned internet marketing on his own dime and developed a sales funnel using pay-per-click that  drove the success of the tutoring business. Brian has a B.S. in Mathematics from Wittenberg University (Go Tigers!), and an MBA from Otterbein University, which begins to explain his infatuation with analyzing numbers and applying the findings to real world business