Saturday, February 17, 2018
Brian Keith May

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

While organic SEO positioning is often erratic, unpredictable and ultimately controlled by the search engines, Pay-Per-Click(PPC) is controllable, highly targeted, and measurable. Gone are the days when campaign success has to be defined in loose subjective terms that are not quantifiable. With PPC marketing, testing and optimizing every aspect of your marketing campaign is not only possible, but absolutley necessary for success.

In highly competitive markets like, PPC may be the only way to earn a place on the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing. When used in conjunction with SEO,
pay-per-click campaigns are extremely effective ways to get visitors onto your website.

Performance Marketing
Winning with online marketing, particularly PPC requires understanding business goals and objectives and developing a straegic plan for meeting those goals. When the plan is tied to business goals, it sets the proper expectations for client and agency to accomplish success. PPC must track conversions for success. If conversions are not being tracked, then your strategy will yield limited, unmeasurable results.
What makes Me Different:
After managing campaigns in a variety of industries over the last 8 years, I have seen what works and what does not work. I have tested millions of campaign elements and optimized until I was blue in the face. I watched companies waste tons of money with online marketing and others not spend enough when there was unlimited potential in their industry. Through those experiences, I have developed a rock-solid strategy for developing and optimizing PPC campaigns. Here are some of the steps that are necessary for success:

  • Understanding Business Goals and Objectives
  • Developing an air-tight keyword build that converts
  • Writing compelling ad-copy or developing banners that drive conversions
  • Split-Testing for continual campaign improvments

How much does PPC cost?
It depends! Click costs vary as well as ad types vary. But there are more important questions that need to be answered to determine how much PPC costs. For example; what is a new customer worth to you? What percentage growth do you want for your business? Your budget for PPC marketing must reflect your Business goals. I work with you to establish a budget that cost-effectively helps you meet or exceed your goals.

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